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What a great course. Full of really useable information. I was expecting useless "theory" - and ordered it expecting to ask for my money back. Instead, what I got was "do A, then B then C specifics". I've just started and have already had some great results. Thanks to you. A Benton, London

Dear Reader

Did you know that a small band of ordinary UK men and women are quietly making between £30,000 and £50,000 a year part time in a very special business, from the comfort and privacy of their own homes.

No boss, no travelling, no hassle, and very little real work?

There should be a lot more people like this. I’ll tell you why later.

But first let me give you a few examples...

• The man who visits his business just once a week on a Friday to look at the books and pay himself a fat cheque. Always more than £1,000.

• The former manual worker who travels the world constantly, keeping in touch with his secretary by mobile phone.

• The young woman who spends six months of the year in the South of France, only returning to carry out a few tried and tested promotions which net her enough money to live for her next six month ‘rest’ period.

• The ex-company director who took early retirement and now works just two days a week to make more money than he did before... and spends the other five where he really wants to be – on the river bank!


They’re all real people... and they’re the lazy ones!

I can’t pretend that they’re maximising their income. But here’s the important thing.

They each earn many times what the average person earns for slaving away for an employer 48 weeks of the year, and they spend their time exactly as they choose.

How many of us can say that?

I’ll let you into a big secret...

Many of these people earning £30,000, £40,000, £50,000 or more a year part time in this business don’t really know what they’re doing – or why!

They’re making big money all the same, because it’s just sitting there waiting to be picked up. Anyone doing it even half right can make a lot of money.

Go the ‘whole hog’ and the results are astonishing.

For those prepared to combine knowledge, time and effort, six figure incomes in excess of £100,000 a year are common. Yes, even on a part time basis.

It’s no wonder that this business has been called the ‘last chance for the ordinary man or woman to get rich’.

And what is this amazing business? It's not new. It's been around for decades. It's the Direct Response business – mail order to you and me.

Here’s why it offers you such a unique opportunity:

• You can work from home. No office or other premises are needed.

• There’s no direct selling to do, and no face to face contact with customers.

• You can start without capital.

You can run the business alongside your regular employment. There’s no need to give anything up or put anything at risk.

• You can work any hours you choose. The majority of the work can done during the evening.

• You’re your own boss.

It’s private. No one else need know what you’re doing.

• You can test everything out very cheaply before spending any serious money.

When you find something that works it can be like a money machine: put £1 in (promotion) and get £2 out (orders). The results can be as predictable as that.

• It offers freedom. It can be run from anywhere in the world. And once up and running, it can be left to run on ‘auto pilot’ while you go off and do what you enjoy most.

• Every morning is like Christmas morning – all those envelopes to open, stuffed with cash, cheques and postal orders. How many people actually look forward to opening their mail?

Let me give you one more success story...

Around ten years ago I started a mail order business with a home made product and a £35 advertisement in Exchange & Mart.

Last year our direct response-generated turnover was £3.6 million... and it’s all been achieved without any injection of capital or previous experience.

In other words, it’s all been done from scratch, and from the profits generated from that very first advertisement.

Can you imagine the excitement and satisfaction from creating so much from so little?

Can you imagine spending £10,000 on an advertisement knowing for certain (because you’ve tested it for just a few pounds) that it will pull in £25,000 of orders in a matter of days?

Can you imagine knowing that whatever happens, you’ll never have to get up and go to a job you hate, to make someone else rich... ever again?

Okay, so if it’s such a great business, why isn’t there a mail order entrepreneur raking the money in on every street corner?

Why isn’t everyone doing it?

After all, there have been plenty of books written about mail order. Where are all these mail order successes?

Well, as we’ve already seen, they exist, but there aren’t nearly as many as there should be.

Here’s why: lack of reliable information!

The books and manuals only tell part of the story.

Some pieces from the jigsaw are nearly always missing.

Many books originate in the USA, and the advice they contain simply doesn’t apply to the UK, whereas others are written by people who have never run a successful mail order business – anywhere!

All theory, and no practice.

You’d need to read dozens of books and manuals to get all the pieces, and then you wouldn’t be sure which pieces to keep and which to discard.

If building a private second income in the mail order business appeals to you but you don’t know how to go about it, here’s the solution:

‘The £50,000 A Year Mail Order Home Study Masterclass:

How to make a spare time fortune in your own mail order business – starting from zero!’

The course builds into a practical step by step guide to creating your own small, private mail order empire.

For the first time ever there is a course prepared specifically for the would-be entrepreneur who wants to make a fortune here in the UK – in his or her spare time.

This course is not for big companies. It’s not for theoretical study. It’s not to look pretty on your bookshelves. It is for one thing and one thing only.

To show you exactly how to make pots of money in the direct response business in the UK!

The course really is an encyclopedia of direct response knowledge – the culmination of ten years experience in the UK market.

Through its 500-plus pages and 170,000 words it will give you an education in the UK mail order business you couldn’t possibly get anywhere else... and at a price which will astonish you. (You can read in detail about exactly what's in the course)

You can study at your own pace, in your own time, from the comfort of your own home, and then put your new found knowledge to work for dramatic results.

In 12 months time, I believe you’ll look back on the day you signed up for this course as a major turning point.

There couldn’t be a better time to start your own mail order business. There’s very little serious competition and the rewards for the successful can be truly astronomical.

If you're still not convinced, read more below about how the mail order business has created more ‘rags to riches’ stories than just about any other, with specific examples of the men - like Richard Branson - and women who've proved it.

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John Harrison

In lesson one you’ll learn the two key secrets of mail order success. Every successful mail order business uses these! Employ these secrets in your mail order business and success is assured.

PPS If you enrol online NOW I’ll send you two free bonuses:

Free Bonus 1

A fascinating case study detailing how one mail order entrepreneur turned a 20 word advertisement into £100,000 clear profit. A great idea to ‘copycat’.

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A master folio of 25 classified advertisements which have each generated hundreds of thousands of responses. Whatever, the product, there’s certain to be something here you can adapt.



Read more below about how the mail order business has created more ‘rags to riches’ stories than just about any other .

Read about exactly what's in the course

Check our Money Back Guarantee

See our amazing Special Offer